best eiokaiwa

Working Conditions

Our English teachers are assigned to 1 to 2 different classrooms and their schedules will be the same each week. We teach independently, without the assistance of other staff at the classroom, and we are responsible for the welfare of the students from the time that they arrive to the classroom to the time that they are picked-up by their parents.

  • Monthly Salary : ¥230,000 to 250,000 (depending on experience)
  • Annual Bonus : Given at the end of the year and based on performance.
  • Commuting Expenses : Daily commuting expenses are fully reimbursed
  • Paid Vacations : 7 weeks
  • Teaching Hours : 5 to 6 lessons hours per day (rage)
  • Schedule : Lessons are typically in mid-afternoon & evenings
  • Class Size : 6 students max. per class (average)
  • Student Ages : Approximately 3 - 70 years old